“Over the past 7 years I have not only sent dozens of patients to Perfect Postures, but I have engaged their services for a variety of personal orthopedic issues. I continuously am amazed at their diagnostic acumen, and their ability to understand, then treat, a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints. They have been a tremendous asset to my patients, often complimentary with physical therapy, or as a unique and effective therapy when PT is ineffective. On many occasions, my patients have told me (with true astonishment in their voice)  that after one session they left their Perfect Postures session feeling noticeably better. And I always say (while no longer surprised), that has been my experience as well.”

Jeffrey Bass, M.D.

"My personal trainer/exercise physiologist referred me to Aaron for potential relief of a long-standing knee problem. Aaron immediately noted my irregular gait, and developed a series of exercises to correct my problem. Working with Aaron has considerably improved my knee discomfort, and I continue to see him as I work toward a complete recovery."

Joseph Leader, M.D.

"Aaron Brooks has become my go-to guy for those with chronic pain. If you suffer from neck, back, or joint pain I would recommend you give Aaron a try."

Mike Boyle, Owner of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

"I have always been an avid sprinter and continued to train after college. In the summer of 2010, I was suffering from every runner's worst nightmare: exercise induced compartment syndrome. After undergoing bilateral fasciotomy surgery for exercise induced compartment syndrome, I continued to suffer from chronic pain and nerve damage post-surgery. With multiple trips to the doctors and physical therapy and no improvements, I was becoming discouraged with returning to running or exercising at a high intensity. In December 2011, I was introduced to Aaron. I began seeing him on a regular basis and diligently completing the corrective exercise routines. Through completing the corrective exercises, I was able to swim and ski in the winter. In May 2012, I was back to running four times a week. I progressed from running four times a week to signing up for my first half ironman. I was able to complete my first triathlon season with 10 races and training at a high intensity. Aaron's knowledge and structured programs have improved my posture dramatically and has removed the chronic pain I was suffering from. I honestly don't know where I would be without Aaron. He has completely turned around my walking stride, running form and has kept me injury free while running four days a week, biking four days a week, swimming three days a week and lifting two days a week. The corrective exercises require dedication and hard work, but the twenty minutes every day is worth it. I would highly recommend Aaron. The results that his program and discipline produces are unbelievable. I never would have expected to go from a sprinter plagued with injuries to a triathlete consistently placing in the top three in her age group. Thank you Aaron!"

Katie Hammond, Triathlete

"After suffering with back pain for some time, I started working with Aaron and his product, the versus. In a matter of weeks, what I thought was chronic pain was gone. I credit Aaron, his corrective programs and his product, the versus, for getting me back healthy and ready to play another season."

Benjamin Watson, NFL player

“When I arrived at Perfect Postures I had experienced unexplained joint pain in both elbows and knees for 3 years, and my posture had badly deteriorated, along with my piece of mind. After working diligently with Aaron and Chris for a year, my pain was all but gone, and my posture vastly improved. I graduated to working out with Stacy and Rachel's guidance. I am proud to say that I've regained 2 pounds of muscle and a great deal of confidence. The entire team at Perfect Postures is outstanding. As a former personal trainer my expectations are high. Perfect Postures has exceeded those expectations, and I deeply grateful for their professionalism, unerring attention to detail, and deep caring. They are the best!”

Jennifer Fortunato, Reiki Practitioner

“I have been coming to Perfect Postures twice a week for over a year. I came after exhausting many other treatments for my chronic neck, shoulder pain and headaches the result of a degenerative arthritic condition.  I was in such pain I could barely sleep through the night. Under the careful guidance and supervision of the incredible staff at Perfect Postures, I have learned techniques to both relax and relieve the pain as well as strengthen my body so not to put further pressure on my neck. For the most part, I am miraculously pain free. I can say hands down that without the tools I am learning at Perfect Postures, I would still be in pain and very miserable.”

Caron Tabb, Artist

“I have multiple degenerative disks in my lower back and have suffering with back pain for many years. Having tried physical therapy, NMT, yoga and steroid injections, my physician recommended Aaron and Chris as the last option before considering more aggressive options (i.e., back surgery). Happily, surgery was not necessary.  Aaron and Chris developed a series of simple daily corrective exercise programs to address these imbalances. Eventually, after a sufficient amount of improvement had taken place, strength exercises were added to the program. The improvement has been nothing short of amazing.  I am exercising…and playing golf (!!)…without pain. I continue to see Aaron, Chris and the team on an ongoing basis and I am constantly amazed by the number of people I meet in the practice who are having the same very positive experience. Thank you to Aaron, Chris and the entire Perfect Postures team.”

David Gottler, CFO