We Give You The Tools To Heal Yourself

We help our clients live pain-free lives. The Perfect Posture’s corrective exercise method concentrates on the underlying issue rather than the short-term solution. The best way to eliminate pain is to do so from the root cause. How many times have you gone to your health care provider gotten relief and then by the time you got home your pain has returned? 

Our approach is different. Perfect Postures provides you with the tools to heal yourself. We know there is a direct correlation between your pain and your body's misalignments. How do we know this? We prove it every day by correcting our clients' muscle imbalances and faulty joint mechanics. When we do this our clients feel better. The pain relief you will experience from our programs is simply a by-product of correcting your body's alignment. Fix the misalignments and your pain will go away.

Pain does not dictate how we will handle someone's conditions. Instead we evaluate our client's posture and identify muscle imbalances and skeletal misalignments. We make sure to not get caught in the all too common case of focusing and treating your area of pain like so many other therapies. Instead, we look at the actual cause of the pain. We then develop a corrective exercise routine to address the causes. Each one of our programs is case specific to the person's muscle imbalances and skeletal misalignments. This fact is one of the reasons for our success.

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